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Task Force Goals and Activities

The LTER Network Office (LNO) has been located at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque since 1997. The cooperative agreement between NSF and LNO will expire in 2015, and NSF has indicated that a request for proposals is being developed for an open competition for the next network office.

NSF appointed this Task Force to collect information and solicit stakeholder input about possible functions and structuring of the next LTER network office. The Task Force will summarize its findings and provide recommendations for the structure and function of the next LNO in a report to NSF program officers that they will consider when developing the (RFP) for the next LNO.

The Task Force is focusing its work on seven areas:

Communication workshop

For each of these areas, the Task Force is examining ways in which the balance of LNO activities can best enhance the development of new ecological ideas and tools for managing, analyzing, and disseminating ecological data, as well as making these methods and tools useful for environmental management. Stakeholders include both LTER and non-LTER researchers, non-specialists and the general public, and groups or organizations involved in long-term ecological research, conservation, and environmental management.

Task force members will meet and talk with stakeholder groups during site visits to LNO and other coordinating offices of scientific networks; in town-hall style discussions and fora at national meetings; and in small-group conversations. The report and recommendations will be submitted to NSF in spring 2014.

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